Give a new life to your indie game, reach a new audience and extend its lifetime value

Boost your player base

Joining a Game Pass is a great way to increase any indie game’s player base.

You could increase your game's usage an average of six times.

Boost your player base

Sell more on other platforms

Our players function as word-of-mouth advertising for your game, prompting their friends without it to purchase it for themselves.

You could be selling up to five times as many units each week on other platforms.

Sell more on other platforms

Be among a selected few

We handpick every indie game on our platform. We select only the best of the best indie games.

Be among a selected few

Reboot and start a new success story



We market your indie game through our partners to create a buzz around your game once again.

We hope we can help you be even more successful than on its original release.

Create your game's page

Create your game's page

Your game's page has a clean design, where you can choose different options.

Including displaying your trailer, and screenshots, link to your Steam and pages, and much more.

Here's what people are saying

"Your mission is the same as mine, make it easier for indie games to succeed! Best of luck!"


"It’s the best way to get the word out about our indie game."


"Have been trying to develop an indie game for a few months now with little success. Indie Games Pass would help me out tremendously."


Start earning with Indie Games Pass

Payment models

For now, it's available the payment for each download of your game.

In the future, we will let you decide how you want to get paid. Either by each download, game time played, or a hybrid version of the two.

Payment models

How much do I get?

We are considering a payment system that divides equally by the percentage of each subscription.

How much do I get?


Encourage gamers to spend more on your content by offering a discount on games and DLCs.


Ready to get started?

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start a developer account?

Simply click on Get started.

How much fee do you charge?

We don't charge any fee, enjoy!

How do I upload my indie game?

You can upload your indie game on your Dashboard. You can find your Dashboard in the Navbar on the right if already signup as a game developer.

How do I get paid?

To be paid, you have to create a stripe account, since they are our payment providers. You can go to Payouts in your Dashboard.

Am I selling the rights to my indie game?

No. You will always fully own your content. You can remove your indie game at any time and we couldn't use it anymore. We ask only for the minimum amount of rights necessary so that we can show your game's page, host your game’s assets and distribute your game.

Can I upload my indie game here and on another site?

Yes, of course. There is no exclusivity here, we just want game developers to share their indie game as much as they can, and be successful. Your sucess ir our sucess.

How do I know my game is safe?

We believe the best way to fight piracy is to let gamers access a wide range of games by paying a monthly subscription fee.

Unfortunately, people will always try to crack games. Our model would make it accessible for most and reduces the need for piracy.

Don't get us wrong. We will go to great lengths to ensure your IP is safe, and we will partner with DRM and Anti-tamper software providers, eventually.

But, for now, we let users download the games exactly as you uploaded them.

Can I set my game to Early Access?

Yes, in fact, we encourage you to do so.

We set aside part of the additional money that come from the two top subscriptions which give access to early released games to help you get your indie game up and running.

You can easily upload your indie game in Early Access mode, using Indie Games Pass, by setting the release status to "In development" in your Dashboard, when uploading or updating your game.

Why shouldn't I just put my game on Steam or

Steam is a great distribution platform, but difficult for anyone just starting out. is better than steam to start and more indie-friendly, but it uses a different model than ours. We are not here to replace Steam or, we are here to complement them. On your game's page, you can link to both your steam's and's pages.

Game Pass are an opportunity to broaden the horizon of gamers and let them discover new games and genres that they would never play, but guess what? They tried them and developed a taste for them. Meaning there's a great opportunity for developers who are making something a little more niche.

We only ask you to consider us, not as an alternative, but as a complement and try the game pass model, if you don't like it you can always remove your game.

Why should I put my game on Indie Games Pass?

Recent data shows that subscribers to Game Passes are playing more games, buying more outside the Game Pass, and trying a wider variety of genres than they did before joining. Generally, when a game goes into a Game Pass, there's an average of six times increase usage.

After releasing their games on a game pass, several game developers saw a sudden increase in sales on other platforms. Suggesting that gamers even though they got game pass want to support games they love by buying them.